Intervju: Colin Ford aka Sam som ung har ännu en intervju med en gästskådespelare. Denna gången är det Colin Ford som spelar Sam som ung i fyra avsnitt.

One aspect of the series that has always impressed me was the ability of the casting department to successfully locate high quality child actors and actresses for “Supernatural.”  Many of these young performers have been nominated for awards subsequent to their “Supernatural” roles.  And a number have gone on to win those awards for their “Supernatural” characters.  One such actor is the very talented 14-year-old Colin Ford, a very nice young man who agreed to do a summer interview with us.

Colin recently won a Young Artist Award for "Supernatural," and has been nominated for six other Young Artist Awards, demonstrating he's a performer worth keeping an eye on.

Not only is Colin incredibly talented, but he’s also incredibly adorable, and once you read this interview, I think you will agree he has been gifted with an incredible personality as well.  

Colin has been in four episodes as young Sam and all have received high praise from critics for the fierce performance this WeeChester delivered. Colin Ford does an awesome job of showing the innocent young Sam, accurately mirroring the mannerisms and dynamics of his adult counterpart. Nowhere was his acting more awesome for me than the fireworks scene in “Dark Side of the Moon.” When the boys lit up the fireworks and young Sam started dancing in the middle of all those sparks, I got all teary-eyed. 

We were lucky enough to catch Colin between jobs for this interview.  He has just finished production on two films, “We Bought a Zoo,” and “Eye of the Hurricane."   Here Colin tells us a little about himself, his passion for acting, his hectic schedule when filming, insights into his role of young Sam and some of his future plans.  The big question for many “Supernatural” fans is does he want to come back to the series?  Read on and find out!


Since 2008, you have been nominated for 6 acting awards.  Last year you won for ‘Best Performance in a TV Series – Recurring Young Actor 13 and Under’   for young Sam Winchester in “Supernatural,” and this year you won ‘Best Performance in a DVD Film – Young Actor’ for Jack in “Jack and the Beanstalk.”  How did winning those awards make you feel?

Winning an award really makes you feel fantastic all over. While I act because it is my passion, it is very nice to be recognized by outsiders that they enjoy your work. I love to entertain people with my acting. I was particularly excited to win for my portrayal of young Sam. I really enjoy working and being a part of the show. After School Special was a great role, I really enjoyed the experience of bringing young Sam to life. 

Tell us a little about yourself.   You knew you wanted to act since the age of four, so what got you interested in acting at such a young age?

As a young boy I loved being around lots of people. I loved to entertain. My mom told me that I liked having my picture taken and that I constantly told her that I “wanted to be on TV” so one day I auditioned for a very small part in a movie called Sweet Home Alabama, and I got the role.

How did you find out about the part of young Sam Winchester?  What was the audition process like?  How did you feel when learned you had been chosen for the role? 

Yes several years ago I had to audition for the role of young Sam. It took several sessions but I literally fell in love with the role. My first episode was A Very Supernatural Christmas.  I was extremely excited when I had learned I had booked the role and I was excited to work with Ridge Canipe who at the time played young Dean. 

Did you enjoy playing young Sam and do you find there are any similarities or differences between yourself and the character?

I love playing Sam!  In every character I play I try to find similarities and differences in myself.  I think Sam is smart and seems to value things like family, relationships and education.  These are qualities that I value as well. Differences, I have no siblings unlike Sam and my family isn’t as cool because we don’t hunt demons….

How did you prepare for the part of young Sam?  Did you get any help from Jared on playing the role?

To prepare for young Sam I literally watched several seasons of supernatural (one episode right after the other). It was important for me to study the mannerisms of adult Sam so that I could properly play him as a child.  Jared and I did talk a bit before I filmed so that we could discuss the character. Jared is a super nice guy and he put me at ease right away.

You have performed in four episodes of the “Supernatural” series so far, "A Very Supernatural Christmas", "After School Special", "When the Levee Breaks" and "Dark Side of the Moon”.  Which episode did you enjoy the most and which challenged you the most? 

I think After School Special was one of my very favorites. It was fun to really portray Sam in school. In addition, it was great because I met Brock Kelly, who played young Dean.  

In “A Very Supernatural Christmas” and “After School Special” you played opposite Ridge Canipe and Brock Kelly in their roles as young Dean Winchester.  You had some very powerful scenes in both episodes. What was it like working opposite them?  

Both of these actors are really great. I have no siblings so when I worked with both Ridge and Brock it was like having an older brother for real! I remember when we were not working we hung out together. They are both very talented! 

In "When the Levee Breaks", young Sam meets a very desperate adult Sam.  That was a very intense scene.  Was it difficult for you to confront the adult version of your character?  How was it playing opposite Jared Padalecki?

This scene was very intense! I won’t say it was difficult confronting my older me…just different. It was really cool because I was “having an intense conversation” with myself. Working with Jared was great, because usually when I am working ….Jared is not. It was really awesome to have a scene with him. 

You shot an extremely memorable fireworks scene with Jensen Ackles in “Dark Side of the Moon”.  What can you tell us about the scene?  Did you have as much fun filming the scene as the fans had watching it?  How was it to play opposite Jensen? Did he give you any acting advice? 

This was a very cool scene. I remember it was pouring down rain and very cold. We had to do a lot of takes because of the rain.  I think they were blowing dry my clothes with hair blowers during takes.  The rain was so intense that I got to stay and film a few extra days in order to get that scene just right. It really turned out great. Working with Jensen is always a pleasure.  He is a very good actor. 

Since you have acted on the show, do you follow the series?  If so which is (are) your favorite episode(s)?

I actually do follow the show. I have all the previous season on DVD. I am a little behind on this current season because I have been working a lot and have had lots of homework! However, I have them all saved on my DVR and plan to catch up on all the episodes during the summer.  I would have to say some of my favorites are “Crossroad Blues” from season two, and “Scarecrow”. I love “The Kids Are Alright” from the third season. From the fourth season I guess my favorite would be “Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester”. The last two seasons it’s hard to pick, they were all so good!

Do you have a special moment or experience from “Supernatural” that you would like to share?

I love the show so much and I love coming to Vancouver. Everything is special about the show: the actors, the crew and especially the fans! I really appreciate how the fans support me in the role.

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Intervju: Gabriel Tigerman aka Andrew (Andy) Gallagher

Nästa ut i raden av intervjuer från är med Gabriel Tigerman som spelar Andrew (Andy) Gallagher i två avsnitt i säsong 2.

I was extremely happy to receive the reply from Gabriel Tigerman that he would be willing to do an interview for WFB this summer.  If any of you have seen him at a Supernatural convention, you already know how hilarious, spontaneous and quick-witted he can be.  A master at improvisation, he has so much joy and energy that he just bounces from one question to the next, each enhanced with Gabe’s special brand of talent so that even answers to bizarre questions are interesting and funny which is an instant fan delight. And this interview is no exception.  

Gabriel Tigerman, who plays Andrew (Andy) Gallagher on the series, has appeared in two episodes during season two, as one of Azazel’s ‘special’ children.  He brings a lot of his own personality to the role, including sensitivity, intelligence, love and respect for people, and a bit of Andy’s naivety.   

I say ‘plays’ on the series because, while Andy died in his last episode, no one is REALLY dead on “Supernatural.” And as Gabriel himself points out at conventions, his remains were never ‘salted and burned’, so his reappearance is still a possibility.  Besides, this is “Supernatural,” no one stays dead here. 

Mr. Tigerman shares with us his insight into and love for Andy, how he acquired the role, his love for the impala, some behind-the-scene fun with Jared and future ventures for him and his wife, Kathryn Fiore.

Gabe Tigerman is a delight for fans of all age groups whether at a convention, a personal appearance or an interview.  I hope you all have as much fun reading his interview as I did.  


“Supernatural” fans love hearing about what it’s like on set and what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling.  Are there any particular moments that stand out for you?

I remember meeting Jared’s dogs one morning on the way to set. He let them ride with me in the back seat of the SUV. It was just me and two gigantic, friendly dogs in a small, confined space. They drank my coffee while I wasn’t looking. 

You originally auditioned for a part in “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things.”  What was that part and how did you get cast as Andy Gallagher instead?

I don’t remember the name of the part, but it was a guy who re-animates his girlfriend. It doesn’t end well for him. I recall her popping up from the back seat of his car and snapping his neck. He clearly didn’t read “Pet Cemetery”. 

That was my first audition for “Supernatural”. I left the audition convinced I was going to book the part. I was wrong. I did, however, get a call a week later to come back in to read for the part of “Andy Gallagher”, the loveable, mind-controlling stoner. And the rest was history!

After you landed the role of Andy, what did you seek to bring to the character? How did you envision playing the part?

There was one line in the episode that I thought was the most telling for Andy. And Tim Iacafano, the director, agreed that it was the key to the character. Sam asks Andy why, if he has these amazing mind control powers does he live in a van. Andy’s response: “I’ve got everything I need.” Andy’s a simple, sweet guy and I wanted to bring that…and a green, silk dragon kimono. 

Andy was one of the more endearing characters on “Supernatural.”  Other than being eviscerated and left for dead, is there anything you would have liked to change in your character?

Other than the ability to fight off little demon girls, there isn’t really anything I would change about Andy. He’s really one of the most fun characters I’ve had the pleasure of playing. Wait! I know! I would have made it so Andy’s evil twin was an IDENTICAL twin. That way I could have played both parts AND shot myself. And maybe the evil twin would’ve had a mustache. THEN it would have been the perfect part!

When you drove the Impala, were you able to really take off and drive around or were there a lot of restrictions placed on the driving? Which would you rather own, the Impala or Andy’s Barbarian Queen van?

I hadn’t seen enough of the show to know exactly how significant the Impala was, but as soon as I was given the keys, I saw how immediately nervous everyone got. I topped out at about 10 miles per hour. 

In a fantasy world, I’d pick the van and drive cross-country going on wacky adventures. In real life, though, you gotta go for the Impala. I mean, come on. It’s the Impala!

If you had Andy's powers, would you tell anyone or would you keep it a secret?

You definitely gotta keep something like that on the D.L. or the government will show up at your door and you’ll get whisked off to someplace that’s not on any maps where they’d perform scientific experiments on you in order to harness your powers for military use. This scenario most likely ends in a brutal and thorough autopsy. No good. 

Were you informed of Andy’s untimely demise beforehand or did you find out when you read the script for “All Hell Breaks Loose?”

Oh yes. I was told beforehand. I ran into the casting associate at a film festival a couple of weeks before shooting. She’d had a couple of chardonnays and she ran up to me and excitedly declared “You TOTALLY die in the next episode!” 

You have attended many “Supernatural” conventions, most recently San Francisco this year.  Your talks are a riot.  Do you have any special moments from a con you would be willing to share?  Also, there are a number of videos on YouTube of you singing at the Karaoke parties.  Do you like doing the Karaoke and Dessert events?

First of all, thank you. Second of all, I think the talks are my favorite part of the con. It’s like one long, interactive, improv game where we all get to know each other a little better and I get to answer questions like the poster child for A.D.D. 

As far as the karaoke parties go…Me singing is something that I regret inflicting upon anyone, let alone the World Wide Web. I apologize to anyone who was harmed by listening to my rendition of The Proclaimers’ “500 Miles”. I also apologize to The Proclaimers for my rendition of “500 Miles”.

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Intervju: Lindsey McKeon aka Tessa

Ännu en intervju från denna gången är det Lindsey McKeon som spelar Tessa the Reaper i tre avsnitt som har tagit sig tid att svara på frågor.

The second in the series of guest star interviews is the lovely and talented Lindsey McKeon who is best known to us as the sensitive but very savvy reaper, Tessa who has appeared in three episodes of the “Supernatural” series…so far.  I say ‘so far’, because Tessa is one of the few characters that is still alive on the series…at least as ‘alive’ as a reaper can be.

How did you get the role of Tessa? Were auditions held for the role or were you contacted? 

I first auditioned for the role of Tessa years ago in LA.  For the last two episodes they've called and asked for my availability, explaining that they were interested in writing Tessa into an upcoming script.

Tessa appears to have been inspired from the character, Death, in Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" comic books. Were you aware of this before you accepted the part?  Did it influence the way you prepared for the role?

Unfortunately I've never read comic books… Well, that's a lie, I do remember my next door neighbor growing up having a MAD magazine but that's about as far as I got in the comic book world, though all the Marvel hype fascinates me!

During “In My Time of Dying,” Tessa has three personas: a young woman, a Reaper, and eventually Azazel. Which was the most difficult to portray?

Probably Azazel because it wasn't me…

The episode's pivotal scene in which Tessa explains to Dean the difficult choice of either coming with her or remaining trapped in limbo as an angry spirit is one of the most powerful moments of the story. What was it like to prepare for, rehearse and shoot the scene?

I think that's such a poignant lesson for not only Dean but for all humans.  We all have choices in our lives, pivotal moments where we can choose freedom and joy over anger, even if life or a situation doesn't go as planned.  These choices have a lasting and "eternal" affect…   

With a scene like this, and as an actor, it's my responsibility and joy to delve into the character as deeply as I can.

After your debut back in “In My Time of Dying”, were you surprised to be asked to reprise your role in season four's “Death Takes a Holiday” and last fall’s “Appointment at Samarra?”

I think I'm always pleasantly surprised when I get a call to "come back" as Tessa or anybody else... With this business, you never know if your last job was in fact, your last job.  So yes, it's always a blessing!

You've shared most of your scenes on the show with Jensen including a kiss. What is it like working with him?

I love working with Jensen.  He's easy to work with, fun and good at his job!


In "Death Takes a Holiday," Tessa seemed to develop a soft spot for Dean and was very gentle and caring towards him. Was that sensitivity something you consciously did yourself or something the script already called for?

I think there's always a sensitivity that Tessa has, it's just whether or not it's appropriate to be used to get her job done.  Tessa always has a mission to accomplish, and completing that task -to her- is the most important thing.  In “Death Takes a Holiday” she's working with a child, naturally that brings up a softer side.

While Tessa was more sympathetic towards Dean in the first two episodes, she seemed more upset towards him in “Appointment in Samarra.” Did your approach to the role change when you realized this time, Tessa was to be the right-hand for Death?

No, I don't believe that realizing Tessa was death's right hand woman had anything to do with the approach I took.  If in any way it did, it was only to take my "job" even more seriously.  

Tessa was a bit more stern with Dean in this episode, like a parent is at times with their child, and she did what she needed to do in order to inspire him.  To get him to stop playing around and to take what they were doing seriously.  After all, it was Dean who asked for this lesson...

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Intervju med Todd Stashwick

Supernatural Ryssland har gjort en intervju med Todd Stashwick. Todd spelar Dracula i avsnittet; "Monster Movie."

Could you tell us something about yourself so the Russian fans could get to know you better?

I’m a huge fan of Charlie Chaplin, actually Chaplin is my son’s middle name. I love Coney Island. I love horror and Science Fiction. Soul Coughing is one of my favorite bands.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a family man that likes to act, tell stories, surf and play video games.

Why did you choose to be an actor?

At a very young age I enjoyed making people laugh. Acting was a way to make a living at something I already loved doing.

Are you from an acting family?


How did you first hear about “Supernatural”?

Saw a commercial for it on TV.

How did you end up auditioning for this show?

My manager called and asked if I could look and sound like Bela Lugosi. She said Supernatural is casting the role of Dracula. I said that sounds like fun.

You were simply fantastic in the “Monster Movie” episode of “Supernatural”. What was the worst complication during the filming of “Supernatural”?

My biggest worry was catching my cape on the wheels of the vespa and choking myself.

Most difficult scenes to shoot?

Fight scenes are always tricky. If you saw the bloopers from that episode you’ll notice Jensen and I had a mis-hap.

Your favorite moments in this episode?

I loved walking around the set also the scene where I’m going to electrocute Jensen was fun. The pizza scene was fun too.

Could you share with us any funny stories that happened with you on the set of Supernatural”, maybe funny bloopers?

Jensen and I laughed alot. We were both dressed ridiculously.
At one point we were doing a scene where I was about to bite his neck. I have these fangs and I look at him and said “We are both grown men.” He busted up.

Having worked for this show, you got to know main leads Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Please tell us your impressions about them. Jensen once said in an interview that he’s better in comedies. It seems Jared thinks otherwise about himself. If you had an opportunity to work in one project with Jared or Jensen, who do you prefer for a comedy? And for a drama?

They are both great, easy going guys. I loved working with them. I had done a pilot with Jared years ago. It was drama. He was a kid, like 17, he was great back then. I’d work with both of them again anytime in any capacity. They are both talented guys who can flow from comedy to drama with ease.

As we know you and Jensen Ackles worked together in “Dark Angel” season 2, episode “Boo”. Please tell us about that time. Your character Sally is pretty weird even for “Dark Angel” people. I’m sure there were a lot of funny moments on the set those days. Did you talk to Jensen about working on “Dark Angel” during “Supernatural” filming?

I don’t think we worked on the same episode of Dark Angel. In fact I didn’t even know he was on that show till after I did Supernatural. I worked mainly with Jessica Alba and Kevin Durrand.

From various interviews, we know that Jared and Jensen like to play pranks on set. Have you been one of their victims? If yes what about payback? Have you ever prank your colleagues on other sets?

They never pranked me. I’m sure it was out of fear of retribution. I’m kidding.

Do you prefer to play keeping strictly to the scenario or are you one of those actors who is always eager to contribute to the character image? We heard that Jensen Ackles, for example, contributes his own ideas to the script during the actual filming, and that these ideas often blend in successfully with the big picture. Has it ever happened with you in “Monster Movie”?

As far as Monster Movie goes they let me really do my own thing. the director, Bob Singer, really trusted me and gave me a whole lot of room to play. I never change the words. The scripts are always great. When I was on the Riches, I was a series regular and was in a very collaborative place with the writers.

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Intervju- ängeln Anna aka Julie McNiven

Verkar som om vi kommer att få en hel del intervjuer under sommaren för att stilla vårt supernatural-abstinens med.

sablegreen från sidan kommer under sommaren att intervjua en hel del av gästskådespelarna från serien och först ut är Julie McNiven som spelade ängeln Anna.

Interview with Julie McNiven
We're only one week into “Supernatural's” long four month summer hiatus and many Super-fans are already feeling separation anxiety.  To hopefully alleviate some of this tension, I will be doing a series of interviews with some of the most talented and beautiful guest stars that have graced our series during the last six years.
We all know the “Supernatural” fandom is the best and most vocal around.  That’s a given.  But how many realize the guest stars are as taken with the series as the fandom is invested with the Winchesters?
When I decided to try for interviews for the summer hellatus, I never expected the response I received.  So many recurring actors and actresses were willing to participate.  I was surprised …and a little panicky at first.  But thanks to the help of other staff writers, Alice Jester, our Editor-in-Chief, and the unending patience and support of Ardeospina, we have a lovely and hopefully entertaining series you all will enjoy.
The first in this series is the lovely, talented and angelic creature, Julie McNiven, who played Anna Milton the rouge but very human angel on “Supernatural”.  Ms. McNiven was sweet enough to take time from her busy schedule to answer some questions about her time on “Supernatural”, her roles on “Fringe”, Mad Men” and “Stargate Universe”, a little about what’s in her future, and a very special interest of her own she wants to share.

In your time on “Supernatural,” you were able to work with some amazing guest stars, as well as the main cast, of course. What was your overall experience like? Are there any particular moments that stand out for you?

Supernatural was a gift.  I only did 6 episodes but my role went through a pretty big arch, giving me the chance to really develop the character.  Working with Jensen, Jared and Misha was always fun.  I would literally laugh all day long.  I think the highlight of that job was the hand to hand combat I did with Amy Gumenick in my last episode.  I loved having fight rehearsals and learning different sequences.  It was very exciting!

I’m sure you are asked this a lot, but what was it like to play a romance scene with Jensen Ackles?

That is definitely the most common question!  Everyone is always so curious if [it] was as romantic as it looks and I don't want to lie, so I have to break the news that, unless you find it romantic to be half naked on top of someone you met a week ago, with about 20 crew guys watching and the director literally talking you through the scene, ('touch his shoulder, now gaze into his eyes' etc) it’s more awkward than anything else.  But Jensen was very protective during that scene, always making sure that I was covered right after 'cut,' and encouraging me to speak up if I felt unsure about anything.


You played basically three different versions of Anna: human Anna, ally angel Anna, and antagonist Anna. Which did you find the hardest to play and why?

I think Antagonist Anna was more challenging because she was not a one toned evil bitch. She once cared very deeply towards Castiel, and the boys, but knows that she has to kill Sam to save the world.  With this kind of obstacle, it gives me a lot to play with.

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Misha Collins blir ej "regular" nästa säsong

Det verkar inte som att Misha Collins (Castiel) kommer att vara en "series regular" under säsong 7.

Utan att avslöja allt för mycket om säsongsavslutningen så får ni här citat från intervjun som tvline har gjort med Sera Gamble.

"När det gäller Supernatural är vår filosofi att alla flyttar in och ut och vävs in och ut ur berättelsen, uppenbarligen med undantag för Sam och Dean," berättar exekutiv producent Sera Gamble för TVLine. "Vi älskar Misha. Vi älskar och avgudar karaktären Castiel. Hans karaktär utvecklades i den här omfattningen och gick mot detta oväntade håll eftersom vi var så inspirerad av honom. "

Säsongsfinalens cliffhanger "är ett mycket avgörande ögonblick i Cas" utveckling ", tillägger Gamble, och beskriver karaktären som "omvandlas. "" I grund och botten, det är vad vi ska utforska nästa säsong, så det finns bara en stor förändring. "

"[I säsong 6], höll vi medvetet en del av ängel inbördeskriget utanför kameran eftersom vi är intresserade av vad som händer på jorden", förklarar hon. "Vi är intresserade av vad som händer i närheten av pojkarna. Vi anser att när det gäller vad vi kan åstadkomma, omfattningen av showen, uppnås vår story bäst där Impalan kan gå. "

Collins förväntas återgå till första avsnittet av säsong 7, men hur mycket av en närvaro han kommer att ha i serien efter detta, om någon, är ett mysterium Gamble inte kan gräva i "utan att ge bort en hel del om premiären, säger hon säger.

Två andra namn som är bekanta för Supernatural fans kommer dock att vara tillbaka - skaparen Eric Kripke och verkställande producent Ben Edlund. Gamble försäkrar oss att trots att CW inte gett oss ett pressmeddelande för att pracka på oss nästa säsong, arbetar Kripke och Edlund hårt på sjunde cykeln. "Deras titlar har förändrats, säger hon. "Det finns en hel del tekniska och avtalsmässiga skäl till att människors titlar förändra som inte nödvändigtvis avspeglar deras nivå av engagemang eller engagemang i serien. ... De har varit i [författar] rummet med mig varje dag denna vecka. "


Misha Collins i ny webb-serie

Under sommaren 2011 kommer Misha Collins (Castiel) att medverka i web-serien Divine.

Misha är medskapare och producent av serien och kommer att spela rollen som Fader Christopher.

Om serien:
Andrew är en ung präst vars tro sätts på prov när en odödlig varelse vid namn Divine uppstår inför hans ögon. Divine spelas av Dan Payne, som tidigare har spelat med i "Smallville" och i "Stargate"-serien.

"Efter att ha fått en fristad av kyrkan, leder Divine ett aldrig sinande korståg för att visa vilsna själar att de har makten att välja sitt öde mellan gott och ont. Med vägledning från prästens mentor och Divine's street-smarta sidekick, måste Fadern nu konfrontera sina egna demoner och de mörka krafter som utmanar Divine."

"Divine" kommer att ha premiär i mitten av sommaren.


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