EW on-the-set photo: Supernatural

EW har besökt Supernatural under inspelningen av säsong 8, vilket vi har fått 1 bild ifrån och även en kort kommentar från Jared om hur han tacklar inspelandet med att samtidigt vara pappa till lilla Thomas.
Going back to work was a little harder this year for Jared Padalecki (above, front left), who has to juggle his regular gig with his most important role yet: new dad. But while it's been tough spending long days on set after long nights at home with 5-month-old son Thomas, the actor says the experience has also put eight seasons of demon-fighting on The CW in perspective. ''You remember why you're waking up to work so hard,'' he says. But there's one person he admits puts in even tougher hours — wife and former co-star Genevieve Cortese. ''I cannot stress it enough — and I'm not trying to be the cutesy husband — as hard as I'm working right now, she's working harder.''


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