TV Overmind intervju med Jared & Misha

Tv Overmind fick intervjua Jared och Misha när Journalister fick besöka dem på inspelningsplatsen, för några veckor sedan.
Jared säger bl.a. annat nästa avsnitt 8x02 - What's Up Tiger Mommy? är ett av hans favoritavsnitt.
Jared mentioned that "What's Up, Tiger Mommy" is "One of [his] favorite episodes. Kevin understandably, much like Dean and Sam were, is worried about his mother. And while Dean is very much like 'hey, forget about it, we have some work to do, I’m sure she’s fine', Kevin is resolute and saying 'I gotta check on her'. So we go to check on her and find out, indeed, she’s been kinda compromised and we have to save her before we get to try and regain possession of the tablet. It’s a fun episode. It puts Dean and Sam in some funny situations where they’re these two guys who have kind of been a sovereign entity. We’ve had Bobby and we’ve had Cas and we’ve had some of the Roadhouse hunters. But there’s a 'Tiger Mommy' forced on us so we find ourselves in a kind of situation where we’re like 'we don’t want to buckle our seat belts and we don’t want to chill out, just let us do what we were doing'."

Vill ni läsa hela intervjun och vad TV Overmind har att säga om 8x02, så kan ni göra det på deras hemsida.


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